What Can a Chiropractor do for you?

For the past one century, the realm of chiropractic care has seen major improvements that have revolutionized the way experienced modern medical doctors used to perceive it. For instance, five decades ago, most medical doctors dismissed it as an ineffective traditional method of treatment. Today the script has taken a complete turn as more medics sing to the tune of chiropractic care and even going the extra mile of referring their patients to chiropractors.

Today there is more to chiropractic care than just cracking backs and easing back pain. Chiropractors bring you holistic care as their techniques incorporate the mental, physical and emotional aspects of health. If you’re still in the dark regarding what we are talking about and their efficiency, below is a rundown of what chiropractors can do for your health.

Help you with spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a common condition in older adults and arises when the spinal column narrows down causing extra pressure on the spinal column hence resulting in intense back pain. However, the spinal column does not narrow down on its own but is often a result of underlying causes such as spinal arthritis. Some of the symptoms associated with these conditions include sciatica (numbness or tingling in the legs), leg weakness and the most common is an intense lower back pain.

A spinal stenosis chiropractor can help you say goodbye to this health problem by treating the underlying problem. For instance, spinal stenosis is often caused by problems such as arthritis or a bulging disc. Instead of addressing the pain like regular medical treatments do, a chiropractor will go the extra mile in treating the root cause of the problem hence alleviating it completely and ensuring that it does not recur.

What’s even better is that the entire process uses hands-on spine techniques such as spinal adjustment, exercises that target and strengthen specific muscles and stretches that help loosen tight muscles which are playing a role in your pain. That means you don’t have to take time off as it requires no recovery time and additionally promotes natural healing.

Helps you better your immune system

Your nervous system affects your general health. It is responsible for sending and receiving info to and from your immune system. In respect to that, your nervous system is directly affected by your spine which means when there are subluxations on your spine, your NS is unable to perform its functions properly.

This makes your immune unable to fight any bacteria and viruses that it comes in contact with effectively. That results in a plethora of problems from migraines to blood pressure. Fortunately, spinal adjustments help address these misalignments ensuring that the immune system is now free to communicate with the NS as it should hence restoring proper functioning of the body and strengthening your immune.

Helps you breathe better

Just like any other part of the body, the lungs too rely on the functioning of the nervous system. To be precise, the lungs rely on the thoracic and mid-cervical regions of the NS. Any interference that the spine might have with this region of the NS automatically means that you’ll suffer breathing problems such as asthma. By correcting the subluxations and restoring the alignment of the spine on this region, you’re able to breathe better and eliminate chances of getting breathing problems.

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Relieves stress, improves mood

When you’re muscular-skeletal system is not in its proper position, your nervous system is also not functioning right. That means your entire body is also affected, a factor that results in a great deal of physical and mental pain leading to stress and other emotional problems such as depression and stress. Spinal adjustments help restore the balance by relieving the pain and helping your once tense body relax.

This leads to stress relief which automatically means you start feeling better emotionally. Some emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress are often as a result of hyperactive brain neurons. Through the massage offered by a chiropractor, these conditions are addressed as it helps improve the flow of blood to the brain which helps these neurons calm down and function normally easing the stress and any other emotional disorders thereby improving your mood.

Weight loss

Yes, you saw this right, a chiropractor can actually help you in your weight loss journey. However, keep in mind that there is no magic in weight loss and as such don’t expect any type of magic in chiropractic care either. One way in which chiropractors help you in weight loss is through spinal adjustments. As shown earlier, spinal stenosis causes you pain which makes it impossible for you to exercise.

By helping alleviate this pain, chiropractors from weight loss clinic Phoenix makes exercising a less tedious task and a much enjoyable one. Some of the exercises recommended by chiropractors and spinal adjustments complement some weightlifting workouts hence helping you improve your muscle toning goals.

All aspects of chiropractic treatment help you inch closer to your fitness goals. Besides the exercises and spinal adjustments, the massage helps your muscles recover from working out. Additionally chiropractors offer nutritional plans that are often a perfect fit for your metabolism a factor that helps you approach weight loss from a much safer ground and experience lasting results.

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, chiropractors help you lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. However, keep in mind they are no magicians and thus will not give you a magic pill for an incurable disease. They won’t alter your genes and make you immune to certain diseases but will help address the cause. They will not help you lose the extra kilograms that you’ve been badly wanting to shed but will help you get there. In other words, chiropractors help improve the quality of life by addressing the underlying causes of your health problem and offering solutions.