Window Cleaning Process

The all process of window cleaning may be a little bit tricky if you are not used to doing the cleaning. This is the kind of job that you will find most of the people hate to do because there is some risk that is involved in the all process of cleaning. In most of the instance, you will find that in other terms it is referred to us a dangerous and thorough job.

You will see that most of the people don’t like to clean instead they would prefer the help of a professional to help them in doing the cleaning. There are those who try in cleaning the window but in most, if the circumstances you will find that they are not even satisfied with their kind of work and thus they will end up looking for a professional to do the job.


Window cleaning is not that hard it is only a matter of mastering the way to do, and that’s all you are good to go. To do a perfect job when it comes to window cleaning, there are some steps that you should follow to leave you to window sparkling and clean. Before you commence on the initial phase of window cleaning it is therefore advisable to have all that you require in doing the job, and this is; you need to soak soap water.

To achieve this result, you need to mix a cleaning solution with some warm water in a big strip applicator so that you can be able to soak up much. The steps below will help you out in your window cleaning process.

Step 1: Wash Your Window With The Applicator

The applicator is essential as it has the possibility of soaking the right amount of soapy water. It helps in removing the filth without having to damage the glass. You should soak and make sure that it is well soaked and therefore after that, you can now wash the window with the applicator and make sure you cover the area.

Step 2: Wipe The Window With A Squeegee

After the first step is achieved the next is to make sure all the solution used is cleaned, and you will only do this by using a squeegee that will help you wipe out the remaining solution. The squeegee will be useful if you use it in the right manner and thus it should be used from the top of the window coming down and not vice versa. It should be pulled in a left to right and thus makings a reverse S-pattern; this is for those who use right hands for the left-handed then the reverse is also true.

Step 3: Dry Off The Window

You should try to dry off the window from the remaining drips. window cleaners are right in this, and you will achieve this by wiping the window with a damp chamois; it is highly preferred to use the chamois as it doesn’t leave a streak when cleaned with. Once you are done with this, you should then use a cloth and dry the windowsills.


Cleaning the window will leave your house looking bright and good at the same time. Precaution should be taken when doing this to prevent a lot of expenses in the repair. Only those people who know what they are doing are the ones that should be allowed to do this kind of job. When tempered with you will find that the windows can easily break up thus incurring some extra cost which may not be necessary if experts are used.