How to Switch from Smoking to Vaping

A great number of people have been switching from smoking to vaping. This is a sensible decision and will help your health tremendously. Vaping is a more affordable way to keep up your smoking habit while lowering the damage made to your health. Though, the changes might not be easy we have provided you with some helpful guidelines.

Keep It Simple

First of all, you need to throw out your cigarettes and get yourself a simple vape. There is an enormous selection of vapes but you don’t need to spend a lot of time picking a style. The most important thing, for beginners, is to get a simple device. Once you’ve gotten acquainted with the device you can easily get new ones and broaden your selection.

The same goes for flavors. Every vape shop will have a variety of flavors for vapes. Though, you need to pick one you don’t need to experiment right away. Try a different flavor each time you get new liquids and learn from experience. Apart from standard tobacco flavors, you can find some interesting flavors for people who have a sweet tooth.

Join in With the People

Try finding your local smoke shop and join the local vape community. This will help you broaden your knowledge and field of interest. You can learn a lot by talking to people who have already been through what you’re experiencing now. Ask for advice and suggestions. Be sure to pick a smoke shop which you will visit regularly.

Amount of Nicotine

This is a very important issue with every vaping beginner. You need to know the amount of nicotine you’ll be needing for your vaping sessions. The nicotine is in the liquid you buy to replenish your vape. If you use a big dose you will become nauseated and lightheaded. Of course, if you less than you require your body will give signals of dissatisfaction. In both cases, you might become stressed out, irritated, and demotivated.

Make a parallel between your cigarette smoking habits and then establish a truthful comparison. To measure your need for nicotine, think about where would you place yourself on a scale. The first category includes light smoker – no more than 10 cigarettes a day.

This group should get 3mg liquids. The second category is for medium smokers – between 10 and 20 cigarettes a day. This group is recommended to use 12mg nicotine liquids. The heavy smokers, which is our third category – more than 20 cigarettes a day – should be using 18mg nicotine liquids.

These are just some helpful pointers. It goes without saying that you might come to a conclusion that you have different vaping preferences when compared to your smoking habits.

Pick a Practical Device

Practicality in vaping entails two features. The device should be affordable and portable. Since this ought to be your cigarette substitute, you need to remember to bring it everywhere. For it to be practical it needs to be easy to carry. Using a vape should never be more expensive than you cigarette habits. Keep track of your vape spendings.