How to Form a Consistent Lifestyle

Styling Your Life

A way of living comprises of a set of habits, beliefs, interests, and hobbies which all express an individual identity. Sometimes a lifestyle coincides with a group or collective identity but is nevertheless an act of pursuing individual identity. It helps people express their character and overall agenda in life. It mostly revolves around major life choices. In some cases, however, it includes attention to detail as well. It can easily point to a person’s set of values as well as their less significant likes and dislikes.


petsFirst things have to come first. Where a person lives is of great importance. This will make a setting for your lifestyle and choices you make regarding your interior design, daily habits, it even determines which pets you’ll have. For example, if you are living in a house you are bound to have gardening habits and a four-legged companion. If you live an apartment, a parrot is a more probable scenario.

It also makes a difference if you live in the suburbs as opposed to downtown. This affects your social life and your weekly habits. Another factor which affects your life-style is the sort of climate you live in. For example, this affects your wardrobe which is a big part of your personal identity.

This simple difference in space makes a big difference in life. It alters your lifestyle and makes a set of rules you need to follow. So, keep this in mind the next time you move.


What you read and what you believe in make up a great part of your personality. Therefore, think about which books you keep on your shelf and what genres you enjoy reading. You are bound to find out something interesting about yourself.

What are your principles in life? Think of the things you firmly believe in and things you can expect from yourself. This is a great way to get to know your character a bit better and learn what you are capable of. Think of what set of values you upkeep. More importantly, think of the judgment you pass to others. This will help you discern what sort of person you are as opposed to what sort of person you want to be.


SurroundingTake some time to think about the people you keep around. The friends you choose will mirror your life-choices and your goals in life. The people you surround yourself with should parallel your wishes in life and help you see how you shaped your life-style in a social sense.

Also, think of the impression you leave on others and what that says about you. Your attitude will say a lot more about you than you’re aware of.

Career Path

What you do for living shapes you inevitably. Think about the traits your job requires you to have and how those requirements have affected your personality over the years. You can draw a parallel between your business and personal character and find some astonishing similarities.