About Us

Hi there! My name is Julien and I’m a Canadian software engineer in the geophysics industry. I’m also a student completing a second undergraduate degree in geology-physics.

I’ve directed a few films. My most successful was a documentary on Internet piracy and copyright. The film premiered in New York City and I subsequently flew to California to join a panel on the topic. It was also discussed in an article in the Globe and Mail.

I’ve written two books. The first, Rice Tea, was a cyber-crime thriller based on true events. The second, Diets Suck!, documented how I lost eighty pounds without giving up my love of food.

I’ve always maintained an interest in computer security and policy. To that extent, I’ve written articles for 2600 and PC World. In my university days, I uncovered a vulnerability that affected the 30,000+ students. I informed the administration who promptly corrected the matter.

I like to program. I coded up a framework that lets you create stand-alone desktop applications with JavaScript. I’m a Linux user, and a proponent of open-source, but wouldn’t consider myself an evangelist. I maintain that it’s all about picking the right tool for the right job.

More recently, I’ve been engaged in activism related to the targeted ban by Catholic school boards on support groups for queer students. Objections to such prejudice led the Ontario legislature to pass the Accepting Schools Act.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled a fair bit. I’ve had the opportunity to work in four of the world’s five continents. Among the highlights: being in Argentina illegally; sitting by the side of the Seine in an impromptu picnic involving hundreds; going to a comedy club in South Africa; attending a large hacker conference in Las Vegas; being in one of the floats for Pride in Ottawa; going on stage in New York City to give a talk after Jello Biafra (The Dead Kennedys) put his ass to the mic; infiltrating a Tea Party rally in Washington DC with my boyfriend.

I consider myself politically pragmatic, preferring evidence-based policy-making as opposed to subscribing to a given party’s ideology. I pride myself in not seeing the world in absolutes. I enjoy reading contemporary world history, stuff on low-level computing & security, and works that deal with physics/math.