It’s small steps that will allow you to live a healthy, high-performance kind of lifestyle forever. Are you ready to escape all of the crazy diets and information out there by taking small steps to healthy living? Then come take your first small steps with us!


Step 1: What Do You Want?

Decide what you want. Start with getting really focused on the outcome you want to see (example: losing 20 pounds, having more energy, looking better in a swim suit, getting off medications, or being a role model for others). Accomplishing your goals and seeing results starts with figuring out what you truly want.

Step 2: Believe In Yourself.

Anything is possible, but first you must believe you can do it. If you knew your plan worked 100% of the time, how excited woudl you be to start and follow your new plan? Trust us, it works every time.

Forget about all of the poor health decisions you have made in the past the body has an amazing way of healing itself when you give it the right ingredients.

Believe you can and take that next step forward.

Step 3: Understand The 3 Principles

At On Target Living we believe you first must understand our 3 principles to set you up for success. Your body works best when it’s less acidic. Eating closer the source will make you healthier. Your cells need to be soft. Heal your body from the inside out and watch the magic happen.


We build off 3 fundamental pillars; rest and rejuvenation, nutrition, and exercise. Pick on one two small steps inside each pillar to act on.

Step 5: Don’t Rush The Process

Don’t rush the process. Building this lifestyle is a journey–not a destination. Make mistakes, experiment with new foods and flavors, and find what works for you–there is no one right way. Once you start getting the body healthier from the inside out (at the cellular level)–the magic will happen. Start small. Build habits. Live big.

To truly live On Target, you must build habits. Create a plan, make a process, and just keeping going down your path.



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